Welcome to Yeshiva Torah Temimah!

    Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah is an educational institution that is an exponent of the Orthodox Jewish faith. Our educational philosophy and objectives are essentially functions of a value system that predates modern, and even ancient, history. The philosophical tenets of the school are rooted in the time-honored religio-moral values of Orthodox Judaism as they are refracted through the prism of the contemporary American democratic experience. We subscribe to the belief that scholarship, and indeed the learning process itself, is the sine qua non of our life's calling.

    Our overall educational objectives focus primarily on developing the student both as an observant and believing practitioner of the Orthodox Jewish faith and as a budding scholar. Students are expected to be conversant with the classic works of Jewish scholarship, as well as an ethical and moral human being from the unique standpoint of the teachings of Jewish ethics and philosophy.  In addition we seek to develop these students as educated individuals, providing them with the primary elements of classical and contemporary secular scholarship, including the sciences, mathematics, language arts and history.  In brief, our objective is to develop a scholarly Orthodox Jew, who is at the same time a functioning and productive member of contemporary American democratic society, capable of facing the challenges of the 21st century and of benefiting from the promises of the American workplace and its economic environment.

    These objectives are achieved through a combination of classical and contemporary curricula, ethical and moral standards, religious beliefs and practices, all with one goal in mind: empowering our students to function as Orthodox Jews in the American democratic and economic experience.